Monday, March 13, 2017

Animate the Learning

In this post you will see what was important to this workshop.  One the focus and the other the tools needed.  The central idea of this workshop was to get teachers to think creatively, make mistakes, get messy and have fun.  If we can do that together in a conference, why can't we do that in our classrooms? 

Really what we were able to learn about is the power of stop-motion video.  We had the ability to use stop-motion studio to create our videos with our groups.  What I found really interesting was the speed at which it could be done and yet the excitement of wanting to do more.

Here is the video in GIF format that my group created:
The objective was to bring in elements of "Oreo Art" and stopmotion video.  Check out this awesome stormtrooper!

Ultimately we wanted to adopt the mantra of Ms. Frizzle...
And encourage our students to hear the challenge of failure FOR THE PURPOSE of learning and say: 

As well as remember to make mistakes! Failure is an option!